Valoe is a technology provider with a mission of clean solar energy. Our goal is to enable the utilization of abundant resources of the sun. Carbon free solar electricity can replace fossil fuels. Valoe is proud to fight in the front line against the global warming.

Our experience is in the industrial automation. We have created efficient production technology of photovoltaic solar modules using advanced back contact technology. Automation brings quality that maximises the long term electricity yield.



Solar energy is clean, soundless, safe, inexhaustible and price competitive form of energy. We have the ability and  technical tools to  convert the abundance of sunshine to needful electricity.
Valoe wants to enable the more efficient localized solar electricity production which reduces the use of fossil fuels. Increased availability of electricity also creates local development and growth.



Valoe offers knowhow and turnkey solutions for back contact PhotoVoltaic (PV) module manufacturing.
Back contact technology is based on a crystalline PV cell in which both positive and negative contacts are behind the cell. Benefits of back contacts come from reduction of shadowing of the front contacts, lower interconnection losses and better manufacturability.