We, in Valoe, work to bring clean and safe photovoltaic electricity to use everywhere and at all times, 24-7-365.  

Iikka Savisalo

CEO, Valoe Oyj

   Valoe´s Road from Automation to Solar   

   Valoe’s 40 years of experience in automation and lasers transferred to solar technology    

Valoe Oyj (ex. Cencorp Corporation) is a Finnish technology company, the roots of which date back to the 1970s. We have delivered more than 4000  automation systems to the global electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, hundreds of millions of flexible circuits and, PVD- and other coatings for the mobile phones. This forms an undisputable track record and tells about the experience Valoe uses when resolving technologic challenges.

The Back Contact Technology for the solar modules originated from our flexible mobile phone antenna manufacturing. We developed for one of our customers, Avery-Dennison, a giant flexible circuit as the back sheet for a solar module. Later, in 2011, Valoe, then Cencorp, acquired Avery-Dennison’s solar business. Valoe  continued the development of the Back Contact Technology and purchased from the Netherlands Solland Solar’s MWT (Metal Wrap Through) Solar Module Technology and the back contact module manufacturing line.

The back contact module is generally regarded to be more efficient and versatile than a conventional module but more difficult to manufacture. Our experience in automation, laser and flexible circuit technology has been essential for the development of a new generation module.

The efficiency of a solar module is dependent on the features of the silicon cells used therein. The efficient Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) cell tends to meet the demands of producing more and cheaper solar electricity, especially when used together with the Back Contact (MWT) Modules. However, the next generation IBC cells are not yet generally available. 

In 2018, Valoe  really kicked off  its own IBC cell development project by purchasing, after more than a year-long research and various studies, a cell production line from Italy. At the same time, Valoe started the cooperation with the Lithuanian cell manufacturer SoliTek R&D and the German research institute, The International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. (ISC Konstanz) for the commercialization and further development of the IBC cell.

At the beginning of 2019, Valoe purchased Solitek´s cell production line in Lithuania and started  the development of its own IBC cell  manufacturing line in Vilnius. Valoe uses its own expertise as well as that of the best technology partners. We  believe, this team work will allow Valoe to get a powerful module on the market in one year. 

The new Valoe IBC module produces the most and at the same time the cheapest kilowatts during its long economic life time.    

Valoe invests in continuous product development and offers its technology and equipment to its production partners for their  local solar module market and for solar power production. The Intelligent Factory Concept Valoe offers has a great potential in the developing renewable energy market. Valoe  believes in the opportunities the Finnish high technology will be able to create.

From 1999 Valoe´s shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange.