Product Development

   R & D is Valoe´s core function. We want to stay at the top of photovoltaic technology 

Valoe´s long experience in global mass production has taught to the company that the only way to get  development results into practice without delay, is to do research closely connected with an industrial scale production. Valoe´s Product Development focuses on the issues that can be obtained in the short term. 
Valoe´s products are related to solar electricity. To promote solar and to secure the success for Valoe it is imperative to push the production cost of solar electricity as low as possible. At present, the market starts to  strive for a cheaper lifetime cost of production (Levelized Cost of Energy=LCOE), instead of merely examining the cost of nominal power, €/Wp. 

The lowest total cost of electricity can be achieved by utilizing the best features of a N-type high efficiency bifacial cell. 

The focus in solar investment should be in materials, design and lifetime of the modules and the power stations even if the main benefits will be realized after decades.  

  It is important to develop technology that enables the utilization of photovoltaic electricity across the globe, not just in the wealthiest countries. 

Tuukka Savisalo, Ph.D.

Valoe R&D

   Valoe´s Current Product Development Projects    

Valoe is involved in many development projects that enable the use of solar power 24/7, even without being connected to the grid.

Valoe will further develop the IBC technology and the co-operation with its main partner ISC Konstanz within the EU financed Horizon 2020 project. 

In the Project there will be developed processes suitable for the industrial environment to significantly increase the IBC cell's efficiency from the current 23% to more than 25%. The project includes all known European solar energy research institutes. In addition, Valoe develops in this project the next-generation module assembly technology.
Valoe continues to develop its module technology. Valoe’s  goal is to create a module  that enables a solar system to lasts for decades, even centuries. Since the solar module does not wear while producing electricity the right choice of the system materials and components makes it possible to produce an everlasting module. 

The design of a photovoltaic power plant will have a significant impact in the size of the investment, the electricity generation, the operating costs and the economic life time of the plant. Using quality components and good design and experienced installation team power plant is faster to build and is smallr disruptace to the building users and also often cheaper in the long run. 

Valoe develops its expertise in optimizing power plant productivity. Valoe plans to be at the top in technology and also to improve its skills throughout the installation process and logistics management to be able to assist its partners and its clients through the whole value chain.

In order to be able to replace conventional electricity generation methods with solar energy on a large scale, it must be possible to store electricity. Valoe´s vision is to implement short-term storage with new battery technologies and to use gas, produced by extra solar capacity, for a longer term storage. E.g. Hydrogen can either be used in the industry, combined with biogas or transformed back into electricity, for example, in fuel cells. 

Photovoltaic power can be utilized in other ways than in traditional power plants. For example, when the number of electric vehicles grows, the need to maintain a battery charge or to reduce fuel consumption through solar energy will increase. When a solar module is integrated into a vehicle or a specific device, new features of a module are needed. The module must fit into the design, have a maximum efficiency and an unconventional current management. It also has to be light and has to be resistant against any impact and wear etc.. 

 A solar module is not consumed or damaged in the electricity generating process. If desired, it is possible to design a module that lasts forever!  Materials need  just to be selected correctly!

Jarno Kaakkunen, Ph.D.

Valoe R&D

Valoe´s Research and Development Partners